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with Stokes Mayfield, Jr.




with Stokes Mayfield, Jr.


What's influence?

the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.


I believe "my influence will rise and fall on my ability to lead myself and those around me." - Ford Taylor

 If you have the desire to accelerate your influence, I have the tools, ingredients, and recipes to help you.  I help businesses, marriages, and families accelerate their influence by bypassing personal filters, stepping through barriers, and removing constraints to transformation through a one-on-one coaching experience.  






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I am helping those who have influence to bypass personal filters, step through barriers, and remove constraints toward transformation.  


During the first 12-weeks of my training school, I teach, train, and equip interns to strengthen their Identity, bring clarity to their vision, and identify next steps toward their vision.  


My program helps children/youth to focus on demand, improve low social skills, and increase self-esteem through a hybrid curriculum of martial arts and team building.

Virtual Transformational Leadership Training that is personalized to the individual or organization. Personally accessible anytime anywhere.


Speaking / Workshops (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

I'm using martial arts as a metaphor to help Christians understand the mechanics of faith and how it works practically.  


About - Stokes M.

About the Founder

About - Stokes M.

About the Founder

As a businessman and communicator by education, Stokes has always had an interest in leadership and character development.  Stokes has stayed a student in the martial arts for over 29 years, and has taught for over 13 years.  Between 2007-2011, he created and led a program that helped over 800 children/youth (across seven cities and three states) to focus on demand, improve low social skills, and increase self-esteem through a hybrid curriculum of martial arts and team-building.  

Starting in 2013, Stokes started learning all he could from Transformational Leadership (TL) with Ford Taylor.  In April 2017, Ford Taylor asked Stokes to step into the role as the Carolinas Area Coordinator and host them through his first company, Life Harvest, LLC.  Also, during this time, Stokes became a certified TL facilitator.  Stokes has also been involved in several leadership development opportunities including roles with Christian Business Men's Connection (CBMC) Carolina's.  Currently, Stokes is responsible for CBMC's relationship strategy for Young Professionals (YP's) across the Carolinas and as a board member since 2015.  

Stokes feels God literally gave him his opportunities in leadership co-producing different young professional projects with CBMC, The 3:15 Project, North Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (NC-C3), PerspectivEdge, and Transformational Leadership Carolinas.  

Outside of using martial arts as a metaphor to develop leaders, Stokes loves spending time with his family, writing his next book, and enjoying his two puppies Charlie and Daisy as well as continuing in his learning of martial arts.  






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Stokes is a vibrant engaging professional and lively individual who will quickly get at the point of the matter. I feel he is a wealth of creativity and wisdom that is just beginning to be tapped into and flourish. I feel that anyone who will invest some time with Stokes will gain great return on that investment, however that looks like: personal or business development, inner healing and deliverance …

My personal experience with the healing is that the Holy Spirit gives him a depth of discernment and perception that is surgical and acute, sensitive, professional, and very honoring. Stokes is bold & effective. I do feel he represents the fathers heart well in his engagement. I already witness the results in my own life. To meet, know, and work with Stokes at any level will enrich your life, your gain.
— Anik Keuller
I have known Mr. Mayfield for a short while. But I could feel a connection or calling in him that he was the person I needed and could count on. I work with at risk youth and young males, and felt that could offer a profound point of view and or perspective that I may have normally missed due to my closeness, when dealing with those I work with. He is an excellent judge of character, and inspirational speaker. It was not till sometime later that I found out about his work with Life Harvest and his subsequent works. I am looking forward to tapping him for a future project that I am contemplating.”

Co-Owner at AnVar, LLC”
— LaVar Seagraves
“I have worked with Stokes Mayfield on a number of business issues and have found him to be extremely helpful. Stokes offered a fresh perspective and provided creative problem solving ideas for us to implement. He had made himself available when I needed him and I have found him to be trustworthy, reliable and insightful. I recommend Stokes to anyone looking to grow or improve their business and take it to the next level.”

Founder/CEO, Rock & The Butterfly
— Dominick Cifarelli
“Early on in school, I found myself with very little motivation from day to day. Discipline, Cooperation, and Teamwork were three words that my name didn’t belong in the same sentence with, at the time. In the 8th grade, I met Stokes through his company’s Martial Arts Confidence Course program and it all turned around big time. Meeting with Stokes helped me with a lot more than just martial arts training and physical health, it helped me build a respect for others and a willingness to work with my peers that I’d never had up to that point. Even to this day I still remember more of the life lessons I learned by being in his class than I could have learned keeping down the road I was on before. Long story short, Stokes is one of my greatest mentors and comrades and I firmly believe that had we not met, Things would have definitely turned out different. “

Former Student at York Junior High
— Chris Childers
I’ve known Stokes for several years. He is a man that is truly after God’s heart. He is able to bring a new perspective to the many opportunities and challenges in life. I value his friendship deeply and I can recommend him unreservedly..”

Founder/President and Publisher at Grey State Ventures
— Charles Lumpkin
I’ve known Stokes for many years and he is certainly a man of integrity, dedication, and hard work. Life Harvest, LLC was established for the purposes making a kingdom impact in the lives of young adults through Martial Arts. He is inspiring leader and teaches his students life skills well beyond what they will learn from a fitness perspective.”

Chief Revenue Officer, Liaison Technologies
— Rob Consoli
I’ve had the opportunity to watch Stokes in action and serve with him, mentoring and teaching elementary students to build character around martial arts. Stokes has a unique combination of empathy, humor, discipline, fun, and communication that had the students razor focused, learning, and working together. He is very creative in the way he keeps it fresh for the kids, yet reinforces principles and habits that every parent would want their kid to know and take with them into adulthood. I highly recommend somehow seeing Stokes in action first hand. It’s one of those things you really just have to experience to fully understand and appreciate.

Helping people know and share their story on video @ 3:15 Project
— Todd Miechiels
Stokes is a very experienced martial artist who takes part in teaching others in a very kindly manner. He explains the technique in a encouraging way which makes it easy to learn. His great with children and his classes are very affordable. I highly recommend him.

Student at Northern Shaolin School of Kung Fu
— David Garcia
Stokes Mayfield is a professional in the true sense of the word. Not only that, he is an experienced martial arts instructor that teaches techniques for real life situations. I have had him come to my school and teach a class or two on various self defense topics. My students truly grew from his instruction. Highly recommend his instruction.

Owner/Chief Instructor at Northern Shaolin School of Kung Fu
— Sifu Jerome Delmar Minor
In 2004, Stokes came to my school as a red belt responding to my ad in the newspaper looking to hire an assistant instructor. Stokes said he had no teaching experience. I told him no, but I saw his sincerity and his hunger. I offered him an eight month unpaid internship with the caveat that he could not wear his red belt, he had to start over in his training, and in turn, I would teach him how to teach and run a school. If I was at the school at 7 a.m. or 2 p.m. Stokes came, let me develop him, and stayed until the school closed typically around 9 p.m.. He came five days a week and helped out with belt testing on Saturdays.

His direction in life has allowed him a way back through these doors ready to learn the other roles a commercial Tae Kwon Do school has in it. Stokes has been reliable and trustworthy on all counts. I told him in the beginning he has natural ability as a martial artist. It’s now thirteen years later in his teaching career, and I’ve watched Stokes Mayfield stay teachable, walk in humility, and serve others from a place that motivates many. Also, he has developed an impressive way about him with children/youth.

Owner/Chief Instructor at Carolina Tae Kwon Do Academy
— Master Ron Huor
Because of a sponsor, I was able to learn martial arts from Mr. Stokes for free! I was so thankful for the opportunity!” 

former student, Connectors
— Nicole Smith
“...I have known Mr Mayfield for approximately four years  He was hired to work in the After School Program for York School District One...He has been very effective in his role....In addition to his service to several York School District One After School Programs, Mr. Mayfield volunteered as a mentor using Tae Kwon Do activities with a group of York Junior High...He works effectively with students in different age groups and with a variety of personalities.  Mr. Mayfield has a calm demeanor and works two promote self-discipline, teamwork, appropriate decision-making skills.  The York Middle School faculty and students appreciate the experience and lessons learned...”

Principal, York Middle School
— Louvetta Dicks
“It is my sincere pleasure to write a letter of commendation for Mr. Stokes Mayfield, Jr., founder of Life Harvest....This young man has many characteristics that make him a great role model for young people...Our students have been very appreciative of what they have learned during their experiences they shared with Mr. Mayfield...Mr. Mayfield met each Thursday here at the church and this gave me an opportunity to observe his classes, and his relationship with the students.  They all respected Mr. Mayfield and were very attentive to his instructions.  They liked him, and he commanded their respect.  Mr. Mayfield is a well-rounded young man, someone on whom you can depend on doing what he has told you he will do.  ...He is a person I trust and admire, with many talents which he works hard to develop...”

Senior Pastor, Galilee Baptist Church
— Reverend, Charles L. Ashley
“...This program is something that our students in the After School Program look forward to every year.  The students have a positive response to Mr. Mayfield, which shows how much respect they have for him.  Our After School Program teachers look forward to this program because Mr. Mayfield teaches the students to have integrity, take responsibility for one’s self, and treat others with respect.  These core values help our students become better individuals...”

School Counselor/After School Program Teacher, Cotton Belt Elementary
— Amanda Watson
“As a Special Education teacher working with Emotionally Disabled students, I am always looking for way to provide enrichment activities that promote social skills...He is an excellent teacher.  His activities are engaging and relevant to the students.  The students respond well to Mr. Stokes and look forward his visits.  He is professional and has a sincere interest in the students meeting their academic and behavioral goals.  In addition, his patience is evident with every class...His knowledge and teaching ability has had a positive impact in my classroom and on student’s self-confidence.”

Special Education Teacher, York Junior High and York Comprehensive High
— Judith Ramsey
“... Mr. Mayfield has great rapport with the students.  The students respect him and are anxious to learn from him each week...”

ASP Coordinator, Hunter Street Elementary
— Kim Ramsey
“...Stokes Mayfield has led Martial Arts Confidence Course in the after school programs at the four elementary schools for four years.  In addition, Mr. Mayfield has worked in a volunteer capacity teaching students with special needs at York Middle School and York Comprehensive High School as well.    Mr. Mayfield has proven to be dependable in both his contractual and volunteer capacities.  He is consistently prepared, prompt to report, and communicates to staff.  The students have enjoyed participating.  York School District One is indeed fortunate to have been able to offer programming under Mr. Mayfield’s leadership...”

Director of Special Projects, York School District One
— Lisa Spangler
“If I were allowed to give only one word to describe Stokes Mayfield, it would be integrity.  And he teaches this quality to the children he works with in Connectors.  My daughter attended the Tae Kwon Do academy, which Stokes was the After School Program Director.  In the time he was there, I have seen him make a difference not only in her life but in the lives of the other children in the program.  He has the ability to talk with them at their level, help them understand right from wrong, and provide some experiences as examples.  There exists in him a passion to teach children self-control, focus, and many other important life skills.  If given the opportunity, I would place my daughter under his teaching again.”

Parent, Carolina Tae Kwon Do Academy
— Sabine K. Cioto
“Mr. Mayfield was an enjoyable experience in which he got to know me and was able to tailor a program to my age and ability.  The lessons learned will be carried with me throughout the rest of my life.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Student, York Technical College
— Jimmy Lancaster
“Training under Stokes Mayfield is quite a pleasure.  His teaching techniques leave students with the impression that they have achieved something great.  His method of teaching incorporates real situations very practically into martial arts study.  Relating every move to a truth in life, the student gets the feel and experience of more than just a visit inside the scenes of The Matrix, through they generally get that as well.”

Student, Montreat College
— Jesse Donovan Teets
“Mr. Stokes class is an hour or two of learning discipline, building confidence, gaining self-control, building strength/flexibility, and becoming more accurate with your strikes.  He teaches the basics as most do at first, then as he gets to know you, he will build you based off of your own strengths.  From this, he will teach you a martial art form that will work best with you individually.  But this is not the only form he will teach you.  He will teach you other forms, so that you become a more rounded student.  He is an excellent instructor.  My knowledge of his class comes from having experienced it myself.  Once you take his class, you won’t forget it.  Not only is it informative, but it is fun as well.”

Student, Montreat College
— Mary Ellen Yenner